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Believe that many people know what is MD5 and SHA1 encryption and decryption. MD5|SHA1 that provided by LimCorp, is a web-based MD5 and SHA1 with secret key encryption service.

In cryptography, MD5(Message-Digest algorithm 5) is a wisely used hash function for storing password, message integrity and so on. It produces a 128-bit of hash value, typically, expressed as a 32-character hexadecimal number. It is popular because it is an one way hash function, which mean that the original string data can only be encrypted, but HARD to decrypt without pre-stored of the original string data before encrypt it; Whereas

SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm. It is a hash algorithms compute a fixed-length of digital representation from an input of original string data/ message in any length, It is computationally infeasible to 1) find a message that corresponds to a given message digest, 2) find 2 different messages that produce the same message digest. So any change to a message will result in a different message digest.

My Services - MD5 & SHA1

MD5|SHA1 services only provide encryption but not decryption, because it is one way hash function, you can refer to some website such like or md5decrypter.comfor decryption, because they pre-stored most of the encrypted string with the original string data, so possible for the decryption. For guide, please click on the “Show/ Hide Details” on the MD5|SHA1 service webpage.

Inspiration of MD5 | SHA1
Encryption and decryption are the interesting topic, that i used to study few years ago at University Of Wollongong (UOW), i liked to explore and learn during my university time, so i had a Distinction grade of my security subject, i also earn a major of Digital Security. After that i was not study any more, since my daily job does not required. So i try to provide as many services as i can at my website through my learning and working knowledge. MD5 | SHA1 that provided here are not my university’s work, but a simple service using simple PHP script for encryption with the user prefered secret key.


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