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Image Puzzle is game, that user can scramble/ shuffle the whole image into many small pieces, then user can start to solve it until all the pieces arrange to the right position and this is the process to reassembly back the scrambles/ shuffled image into the original whole image. This is free service image puzzle game provided by LimCorp. Purposely for fun and entertainment of the wed-based image puzzle game, without the need of installing software or hardware equipment to play the game, it requires only internet connection.

How to play? It is easy. At image puzzle webpage, there are 2 textboxes and 3 buttons. Everytime when user access to the image puzzle webpage, system will instruct the script to initial the default image for puzzle.

My Services - Image puzzle1
Hint, system will auto remove one piece from the image frame as shown above, and user can click on the pieces beside the removed piece in order to move piece from one position to another; to move the piece, user just click on the pieces beside (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) of the removed pieces. Also, user can press “F11″ shortcut key to play image puzzle in full screen for comfortable and better feel on playing the image puzzle game.

Example 1: The first step, user can select the columns and rows for the image to be cut into pieces in columns and rows, by default it is set to 3 columns and 4 rows. Second step, user need to click on the “Shuffle” button to scramble the image into pieces, then user can proceed to reassembly the image from many small pieces.

Example 2: When first access to image puzzle webpage, system initial the first image to be puzzled, first step, user can enter the number in both textboxes for the columns and rows, second step, click on the “New” button, in order to select other image that pre-defined. Third step, click on the “Shuffle” button to scramble the image into pieces, then user can proceed to reassembly the image from many small pieces.

Example 3: User can also upload their own image for puzzle, first step, click on the “My Image” button. Second step, upload the image and, image should be in the format of .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp and less than 200KB, system will auto delete the image if image is longer than 1 day time from the time uploaded to server for storage efficiency. Third Step, User can re-enter the number in the both textboxes for columns and row, then click on the “Shuffle” button to break image into pieces before reassembly it.

Users can also click on the “Show/ Hide Details” for quick learning guide.

My Services - Image puzzle2
I shuffled one image into 3 x 3 pieces, and when i click on the piece, the top-left corner of your image will show the correct number of the correct pieces in the correct positions within the image frame.

My Services - Image puzzle3
When all the pieces, have been reassembled, a message will show “Congratulation! You did it!“. Try yourself and have fun for the game. Also, i thanks for the open javascript source and some photos that assist me in this image puzzle game.


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