Moon Cake Festival

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007 | In News & The Events, Websites & Services |

Today is 25 of September, in lunar calendar today is 15 of august – the moon cake festival. i also received many “Happy moon cake festival” phase from my friends, ex-colleague. One of my ex-colleague sent a Happy moon cake regards to me through the Chinese website, it is quite creative and easy way to say happy moon cake festival by sending a URL (modify the parameter to your friend’s name) to your friend. I try to web log this because i think it is a fun, creative way to deliver your regards to your friends in this moon cake festival time..haha. Want to give your friends a surprise? Try this.

• First, click here.urlparameter.jpg

• Second, modify the parameter as shown on the highlighted yellow box to your friend’s name.

• Third, send the url to your friend. Done. See the example here.

For those, who can not read and understand mandarin, then please ignore this post.

Also, at here i would like to say Happy Moon Cake Festival to Girl friend, all my friends, ex-/Colleagues, and everyone.


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