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Smorty is another blog advertising company that establish a connection between advertisers and bloggers (Publishers). Smorty provides the solutions in the way that allow advertisers to start their campaigns, and Smorty will help to review and deliver to the right bloggers, so that bloggers can grab the opportunity to write opinions, suggestions, positive/ negative points and posted on the own blogs.

This is a good method for both advertisers and bloggers (Publishers) because, advertisers are pay to the right bloggers to blog about their products and services, this give the blogger have the chance to get paid to blog, as well as advertisers can advertise on many blogs to bring in more traffic and sales to their websites.

It is affordable, effective, efficient and easy, because

1. Smorty is help both advertisers and blogger doing all the background tasks such like get more advertisers to run their campaigns, review and deliver to the right bloggers.

2. Advertiser only need spend minimum of $10 to start a campaign and advertise on many blogs.

3. Smorty do not look at PageRank, number of indexed pages to determine approval, but they do look over 20 factor on each blog and create a Smorty smart score to estimate that the blogs can bring a better result from traffic and links to relevant content.

4. Advertiser only need to pay on their bid for bloggers to write opinions with links back to their website.

5. Payments are done via Paypal, visa and credit card, this is good solution, because, Paypal allows international members to send and receive money without the harass of waiting cheque for 45 days, and wait for local bank clarify and transaction around another 1 month before you can get your money.

6. Another point i think is good, which is “bloggers can write their own opinions about the website or service advertiser provided”, So that bloggers can write whatever there are true without hidden any fact from public.

7. Less limitation on account approval at Smorty.

  • Blog must be indexed by Google and Yahoo.
  • Blog must be older than 3 months.
  • blog must not contain any violent, hate related or adult contents.
  • Blog must be active and have a history of minimum average 2 new posts per week.
  • Blog must not have duplicate posts or excessive duplicate contents.

8. Bloggers can earn as much as they like, earnings are directly related to the number of the valid opinions they post. Minimum earning per post is $6, if bloggers have higher PageRank and Smorty smart score then they can get more opportunities and earning.

9. Payments are weekly basis.

10. Try blog for money in this blog advertising program.

I have signed up for smorty, this is my sponsored post for Smorty.


5 Comments to “Make money with Smorty”

  1. Comment 1
    Karan Says:

    I found your blog via Google while searching for make money blogs and your post regarding Make money with Smorty looks very interesting to me. I have a few websites of my own and I must say that your site is really top notch. Keep up the great work on a really high class resource.

  2. Comment 2
    LimCorp Says:

    Karan, thanks for visit. I also think smorty is good earning program. I wrote 4 articles and all are approved within a week, 2 have received payments via Paypal. It is fast compare to other advertising company.

  3. Comment 3
    zac anglogold ashanti Says:

    zac anglogold ashanti…

    When I stated the internet is great for a passive income, the reason being is because a lot of things online is already being generated some how or another take for example affiliate marketing this can be a very powerful way to make money online and a …

  4. Comment 4
    make more money Says:

    make more money…

    They have several models still available on their site, but the 60\’s style one I was looking for is no longer available/ p February 11, 2008 8: 55 PM Reply Leave a comment Name Email Address URL Remember personal info?…

  5. Comment 5
    papia Says:

    Smorty is a great program despite the fact that it pays only $6 at the beginning. One can make money with its affiliate program as well.

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