LimCorp’s Custom Search Interface Press Release

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007 | In My Custom Search |

Happy to announce that the release of “LimCorp’s Custom Search Interface” in Beta version. Let users fully customize, thier own custom search interface begin with, replace xxxx with the myurl, myurl is the unique name that user choose at the signup stage.

LimCorp™ CSI

This is free service, users need sign up at the first place before they can customize their own custom search interface. Users’ emails/passwords will always be kept save. Be sure you as a user that has permission to upload the images as your customized images at custom search interface, LimCorp™ CSI does not resposible for any misused, uploaded images that do not belong to the user. There will be more enhancement in near future, any suggestion/ bugs are welcome to be reported to Limcorp™ CSI, in order to make this service more stable for all users.

This custom search is manage by LimCorp,
powered by Google Custom Search,
YUI library supported by Yahoo,
Color Picker enhanced by

Please contact us if any user violated the terms of use, or using copyrighted images without the knowledge/ approval from the owner. Users that violated the terms of use will be alerted by email, if the problem still remain, LimCorp™ CSI will frozen their account for login to edit their own settings and also their custom search interface.

Users that wish to delete their account, they can email me using their signed up email by provide the myurl in the email contents, because currently my custom search have not been added deletion button, so i need to remove their custom search interface manually. This feature will be enhanced in near future.

Have a nice day.

Best Regards,
LimCorp™ CSI


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