Hard & Smart Work has a future payoff, laziness pays off now

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 | In LimCorp Dot Net |

We as human being, sometimes we might fall a laziness especially when there are too long holiday and nothing planned to do; too stress from daily works and tried to escape; or too much enjoyment until forgot we has more important tasks to do to generate revenue, make income and so on.

There must be a way that you can encourage yourself by avoid the feel of laziness tried to overlay you. Yeah! i am the one, who always lazy especially after long holidays and nothing to do at home. Do not try to call me pig head.haha. Sometimes, i really need some self encouragement, motivation to push myself for doing some works beside my company’s projects, so i remember “Hard & Smart Work has a future payoff, whereas Laziness pays off now“.

Hard & Smart Work

This phase is such meaningful, that said we will get what we want as long as we try harder and harder exceed our best or even beyond our satisfactions of hard and smart works, even-through we might not able to get 100% of the glad results we expected early, but after hard work we might able to achieve large percentage of the glad results for sure, as long as we not give up in the middle road, path to success and gather glad results are always getting nearer and nearer to us.


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    Audrey Says:

    i agree with u that sometimes when we have too much work to rush, we might think of run away from it. However, once we have a good planning and self dicipline, we will manage out time well.
    Long holidays can do a lot of things for ourself.
    For example, we can go shoppin since we dont have time at weekdays to go for shoping. Besides that, we also can go certain place to refresh our mind. That’s just my opinion.

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