Genting highlands, half day tour (Part 2)

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Inside the skyway (cable car), there was a small window, and very silent, if nobody talk. it was not like the cable car from Singapore to Sentosa island, remember few years ago, i went to Singapore and took the cable car to Sentosa island with my sister, it closes over the large river and, there was a pre-recorded talk that introducing the Sentosa island’s places and the history, we can select the language such like English, Mandarin and so on, pretty much advanced technology and idea.

walk path to genting highland
After 20 minutes, i was arrived at Genting Highland, photo above was taken when i came out from skyway and on my way to the hall of first world hotel. Of course i not directly went to first world hotel, because it was far away from the skyway station at Genting, so i walked around and took many photos.

photo at genting1

When i took the escalator to ground floor and passed by some building and i saw workers there and busy to setup the balloon, Santa Claus, tree that made by wood, laben and so on to welcome this coming Christmas days. Nothing special, because it still on processing to beauty the design.

photo at genting2
Then i continue my journey to first world hotel, before went to another building, i saw the theme park so i just took the photo from the building, i went there before, it was RM35 for whole day game inside the theme park, the most famous game is car racing and, some exciting games, it was fun, cold and freezing while last time i was there, especially at evening around 5pm – 6pm. Next time should remember to bring extra shirt when go into the theme park.

photo at genting3photo at genting5
I spend around 5 to 10 minutes there to take few more photos.

photo at genting7
That time, Genting there was a show, people dance and perform at the stage, many visitors was taking photos and stand there to watch the show.

genting, near first world hotel
After, enjoyed the show, i went to first world hotel, and this was the street beside the first world hotel, much beautiful, with the light above and look like night time but actually it was afternoon around 2pm.

children that participate on abacus competition
Then, i met my uncle there and proceed to the hall of first world hotel. Look like many kid there, mostly they were the participators of abacus competition. After that i went to lunch and went to snow world, to play snow inside the big room, feel the cold and freeze “Whether” there, the entry is RM17 for adult and RM14 for children below 10 years old, and kid less than 3 years old not allowed to go in. And they not allowed us to bring camera into the snow room so, i just not able to take photos there, quite a pity, we spend so much on entrace fee and just not allowed to take photo and also nothing special inside the snow room, just a simple ice on the ground, and made up snow, fall from the root and one ice statue with the words 2007 malaysia.

I stayed until 5pm and took the skyway and bus back to KL sentral, it was around 9pm, when i arrived home, quite a tired day. But it was fun and enjoyful. By not going to gambling at Genting, i think RM100 is more than enough to go/ from Genting, with theme park fee, snow world, foods from morning to evening per person.


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