Corallium Cafe

Sunday, November 25th, 2007 | In Foods & Beverages |

Corallium Cafe? What is it? Of course is another place for you to take your dine.

Corallium Cafe
Corallium Cafe.

Finally went here with my friend back from Singapore. The location of this shop is just nearby Star Cinema. Therefore, after you took your dinner, you can go for movie.

I promised the tauke of this shop to come here and try his food here, but, it really took me a long time, because I was busy, haha.

Well, when we reached here, something quite interesting happend. Sister of the tauke came to serve us. After she took our order, she went back to the kitchen to prepare our meal. Then my friend suddenly ask me,” Do you know her?” “Yes” i said.

“Then do you know she is also from ex-greenian ?”. Hrm…i was puzzled. I don’t know what does my friend mean. In the end, my friend told me that the sister looked familiar, may be is her old classmate.

Meanwhile, meal served. Below are the photo of the meal. Take a look.

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips

When the sister serve us the meal, my friend asked her is she from Green Road. Then the two of them start to chat about their old times in secondary school. Haha….this world sometimes is quite small.

After our meal, my friend exchanged her msn and the sister. Really nice place to go, and at the same time, i help my friend found one of her old classmate. Hahah…

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Chicken and vegetables.

Summer Nite, only RM 6.90
Summer Nite, RM 6.90.

Ice Blended Vanila, RM 9.90
Ice Blended Vanila. RM9.90.


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