Chicken with fruit salad

Monday, November 5th, 2007 | In Foods & Beverages |

A few weeks not eat “Mi Segera”, which is a 3 minutes fast cook mee, felt that wanna cook and eat, with the reasons of fast, easy, save time, also i was lazy go out to eat.haha. Then i went to shopping market to bought a piece of chicken for my lunch with fast cook mee at last week, also i bought the fruit salad as appetiser.

Fruit salad
Fruit Salad. RM4.28 (RM1.28 per 100grams).

Chicken with fruit salad
Fried chicken meat. RM2.90.

Food salad includes water melon, honey drew, apple, cream that cost me RM4.00 plus, i should not took so many cream because it is heavy and every 100 grams is priced RM1.28. Next time i should take more fruit rather than the cream.

The fried chicken taste nice with the mee, just the appetiser (fruit salad) turn a bit sour, because i bought it at morning and put inside the bag quite a long time before my lunch at afternoon around 1pm.


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