A boring weekends, That was game days

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Working most of the time at weekdays, come to weekends, suppose to enhance my blog, but seem that a feeling of lazy sense, make me no mood in my own work after spend too Much time on company workload. Blogging and write review can earn money, but i also need to wise utilize my weekends’ time for fun and entertain myself as a reward.

I used to play PC game at home. It make me remember back when i was studied at UOW, AUS, few years back, that play PC game such like King of Fighter 98, with my classmates, room-mates most of the time, and cook, eat, went cinema watch movie, shopping, drink wine, what a enjoy and relax university life. Now are different, because many workload to be assigned and work hard is required most of the time.

Metal Slug PC Game

Metal Slug 3, a mission game.

Metal Slug PC Game on shootingMetal Slug PC Game fight bossMetal Slug PC Game on elephant

Another game was King of Fighter 98, a quite famous game once at many years back, even-though KOF latest version had many new characters, but i still like to play KOF98, maybe, i get used to use and control those characters. Game can distress, increase your agile, brain freshness and also more productive after your PC game. It is important that, you should not addicted to play otherwise, all your time will be wasted on the PC time, instead to unitize your time wisely on your business or study.

King of fighter98 Training

King of Fighter 98, In the practice mode, there are unlimited life bar and power.

King of fighter98 Training AgainKing of fighter98 Training beat the boss

Ha, in the practice mode, use the final boss character as your opponent, let him stand stay for your practicing, really cool, might be beaten when fight with him at final stage, so beat him at the practice mode first. Mostly i use nebula/NeoGeo emulator to play these PC games.


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