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  Ajisen Ramen japanese restaurant

Friday, November 23rd, 2007 | In Foods & Beverages |

Today after work, i went to Ajisen Ramen Japanese restaurant for dinner, at the same time to collect my ex-colleague wedding invitation card. Ajisen Ramen is a Japanese based restaurant there are around 280 outlets over several country such like Japan, Malaysia and so on. Mee and rice are the main food at the restaurant.

It also has 2 area for us to have our dine there, which are sit on the floor for like Japanese cultural style, and another sit on the chair with the table as normally we used to have our dine.

Ajisen Ramen japanese restaurant
Ajisen Ramen Japanese restaurant

Dulexe chicken teri set
Deluxe chicken teri set. RM12.50 (exclude 10% service charge and 5% government charge).

Dulexe chicken teri set soup
The set meal is include a bowl of soup.

The location of Ajisen is located at S01, 2nd floor, center court, One Utama shopping centre, which is at old wing near TGV cinema. If ask me to rate the food, probably i will give 7 out of 10. The set meal i ordered are NOT really worth, i ordered soya drink that cost RM3.50, so totally is RM18.40 include the tax and service charge, the most expensive meal i even had.

  I have been Invited..

Friday, November 23rd, 2007 | In News & The Events |

Yes, i have been invited by 3 people that wedding next month which is on December 2007. One is my ex-colleague of previous company, another one is my classmate, that i met her at ACCP training program, which i was attended for 6 months last year. Lastly my ex-colleague that i met at part time job many years ago at Kuching. 3 of them are getting married next month, 2 of them are celebrate their wedding at the same day which is 8 of December, so i can only go for either one wedding dinner.

Wedding invitation letter from ex-colleague
Wedding invitation letter.

Just after my work, i went to One Utama to collect my ex-colleague wedding invitation card, then have my dinner with the “on going bride”, as well as other ex-colleagues at Japanese restaurant.

Wedding invitation card from ex-colleague
Wedding invitation card which I had missed quite a lot of my cousin wedding parties, that was took place at Kuching. Now i have been invited by ex-colleague for their wedding party, it is quite good and at the same time need to think how much should i spend for the red packet “Ang Pau” for them, even i not get marry yet but still need to distribute “Ang Pau”.haha.

Now i think, when will be my turn to distribute my wedding card, haha, but my ex-colleague told me that the expenses are huge just only taking the wedding photos (include indoor and outdoor). Probably, i need to work hard to earn more for my marriage.

  Bandar Utama and One Utama

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007 | In Shopping Related |

Bandar Utama is an area name at PJ, Selangor whereas One Utama is a shopping centre that well known at PJ, Selangor. Sometimes, it is confusing for both name that almost similar. I used to shop most of the time at One Utama, a twin buildings that connected to each other through a sky bridge, the sense of sky mall shopping centre at PJ. From shopping, dining, entertainment, movie, cinema to event showroom all in one at One Utama.

With 6 retail floors, over 5 million sq ft. A combining over 600 shops there. One Utama is complemented with luxurious 5-star one world hotel located next to the mall. Since One Utama is quite large so that it is divided into themed zones – High-street, Oval, Rainforest, Promenade, Promenade Lakeside, Centre Court, Courtyard and the Entertainment Zone. At first i really do not know all these, so always walk around the same area when looking for the entrance door or exit door.

Bandar Utama at PJ
Bandar Utama Damansara. Continue reading “Bandar Utama and One Utama”

  Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 | In Shopping Related |

Pavilion KL, is a world-class retail podium that was new opened its doors to shoppers on 20 September 2007. It is located at Jalan raja chulan, near the bukit bintang, Lot 10. A few weeks ago i was visiting there, and notice that not many shop opened and some still in renovation.

Pavilion, KL
Pavilion, KL.

Before went into the pavilion, there was a jaguar car displayed just in-front the main entrance to be win. When walked into the building, there were many known brand of shops, so in this case pavilion is considered as world class shopping heaven. The development comprises a 7-storey shopping centre, 2 blocks of luxury residential tower, a 19-storey office tower. It the news that it cost a gross development value of RM3 billion.

Pavilion Car to be win
Jaguar to be win. Continue reading “Pavilion Kuala Lumpur”


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