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  My Foods and Beverages Log Launched

Sunday, October 28th, 2007 | In Foods & Beverages, Websites & Services |

Recently, i had planned to get more blogs to post foods, beverage, programming language, scripts separately for more convenient to share these information and photos with my friends with seperated blogs that focusing on specific contents. Instead of group all these information together, i rather seperate them to different blogs and my main blog LimCorp will be the general and summuries blog for all contents.

Foods & Beverages Log
Foods & Beverages Log

Due to free registration at so i tried to get fews blogs there and start posting and adjust the layout there. Foods and beverages log is the first log i used to post the foods and beverages photo, restaurent name, and the price there with the foods and beverages i had enjoyed all around the world.

As i know that to achieve my dream to be success in internet marketing is not that easy. First i might to have a stable blogs, then develop online products and services, finally built a community network for public. Eventhough, i need to do more research and built it alone to achieve my dream, i will always work hard for it.

Because i not believe in some internet marketing investment plan that ask people to pay first, then get the instuction manual book to be success, even that is only $9.99 or $0.09, i will never pay for it, because nowaday many internet fraud that bait us to spend money to make them success, so i rather spend time and money at bookstore better that fall into their trap.

  Encouragement And Foods

Friday, October 26th, 2007 | In Foods & Beverages |

Remember that tonight is my girl friend Audrey, to be MC/Speaker for the Amway’s products at center branch of Amway, Kuching. Although, she is not the first time to present herselves and give a talk to all Amway members/non Amway members, i am proud to post encouragement message at my main blog here to give her a full support either directly or indirectly, since i am couldn’t present myself in her presentation, at kuching. Therefore, i will give her a long distance encourage at KL here.

I might not good in talk and impress her but i try to grab a photo from the web, to support her, wish her have a smooth and great talk at her presentation later on at night.

Sea View
A beach view, that gives a relax and enjoyment feeling when presenting herselves at MC/Speaker to the public, also i know she likes to enjoy the night and scenery view at beach.

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  Sony Bravia at 1 Utama

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 | In Info & Technology |

Last week Sony Bravia had their show room at One Utama, Petaling Jaya. There were many Bravia LCD televisions with the the best speaker set beside the televisions set, they allow public to sit in front of the televisions set and enjoy the movie, in the sense that you are feeling the “live” of the storyline, with this high quality of facilities.

The sales persons of Bravia were explaining about their products, the feel of enjoyment to the guests, they worked hard to persuade the guest, since the products are quite expensive there.

Sony Bravia1
Sony Bravia show room

Sony Bravia2Sony Bravia3

After took these photos, I had walked around there and the sounds surrounded the whole show room, the large high performance of large screen S-LCD plant, these panels are produced from the world’s biggest mother glass to efficiently create large, high-quality panel. Large screen with clear motion, fast moving images without blurring, it is really impressive.

  KL-Sogo Food Court

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007 | In Foods & Beverages |

Briefly go through the food court at the highest floor of KL-Sogo (Address: 190 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman 50100 KL). It is a comfortable place for dining and experience the sense of waterfall right next to your dining table, the astro shown with the projector shot through the wall, the great music for lunch and dinner.

Although it sounds like a high class restaurant, it just like a normal food court that serve a normal price of foods.

KL-Sogo food court1
Hainanese chicken rice with soup. RM4.50

KL-Sogo food court2
Iced fruits cocktail. RM2.50

Let me post another few photos that i has taken last week, about the environment of that restaurant.

KL-Sogo Food Court Waterfall1KL-Sogo Food Court Waterfall2KL-Sogo Food Court Waterfall3

KL-Sogo Food Court Waterfall4KL-Sogo Food Court Waterfall5KL-Sogo Food Court Waterfall6

The waterwall is designed and made by people. At the bottom, there is a pool or look like a small lake then filled with golden fishes. The last two photo is another side of the waterfall. Feel the natural while having your lunch there. Notice that the fourth photo below, there is a big screen for the astro show. This place worth to visit.


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