P2P Financing Opportunities (Funding Societies)

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Funding Societies is a new and peer-to-peer (P2P) financing platform that acting as a marketplace to connect between the SMEs that require financing and investors who are seeking for high yielding investment vehicles in Malaysia. In November 2016, Malaysia became the first ASEAN country to regulate peer-to-peer (P2P) financing when the Securities Commission (SC) has announced six P2P financing operators. P2P financing, a business model taking place of financial technology innovation, and it is new a way to widen access to business funding for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

P2P Financing Opportunities (Funding Societies)
~ P2P Financing Opportunities (Funding Societies) ~

But P2P financing isn’t just for SMEs in need of working capital. The business model is simultaneously reliant and beneficial to two parties, which are SMEs and investors that seeking an alternative instrument with relatively higher returns. P2P financing is a form of alternative finance, where online platforms connect between SMEs and investors. Through P2P financing, more of the underserved segment would have accessed to funding and working capital.

If an investor sees an SME as promising and investment-worthy, they will invest in to the funding amount requested by the SME. SMEs will then repay the financing in monthly installments with interest to investors who pooled together funds for them. By investing into SMEs, investors will earn advantageous returns – often higher than fixed deposits (FD), bonds, and other traditional instruments.

What is Crowdfunding?
~ What is Crowdfunding? ~

How to Get More Than 10% Annual Returns from P2P Financing
P2P financing is fairly user-friendly. User can just simply register to a credible P2P financing platform, transfer your first deposit (Usually RM1,000.00), and invest into SME funding opportunities you are interested in. Minimum investment per SME varies across platforms. Local platform Funding Societies, for example, allows you to invest as little as RM 100 into each SME. If all goes well, you should see repayments starting the next month.
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  EZVIZ new Smart Door Viewer

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EZVIZ Inc., the leading provider of video technology for the smart home, has announced the launch of thier first smart entry security solution, the Lookout Smart Door Viewer, and ezGuard, a new addition to the EZVIZ rugged outdoor home security camera line. EZVIZ Lookout Smart Door Viewer turns your front entrance into a connected and protected smart door.

EZVIZ new Smart Door Viewer
~ EZVIZ new Smart Door Viewer ~

EZVIZ’s ezGuard is an all-in-one Wi-Fi smart indoor/outdoor home security system. Through the EZVIZ mobiel app, these latest additions to the EZVIZ ecosystem can integrate with each other as well as existing EZVIZ products, and third-party voice services like Amazon Alexa, to provide an enhanced smart home experience.

The ezGuard 24-7 live video monitoring and recording captures activity on the outer perimeter, and the Lookout Smart Door Viewer automatically takes over at the entryway of the home. EZVIZ Lookout Smart Door Viewer includes a high definition professional grade camera lens equipped with infrared adaptive technology for night vision. The lens connects via a secured cable through the peephole, and the action outside can be seen on a touchscreen display on the inside of the door.
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  Petrics is the World’s First Smart Pet Bed & Pet Health Ecosystem

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Petrics, creators of the world’s first smart pet bed and pet health ecosystem, has launched its Indiegogo campaign that enabling consumers to pre-order its smart pet bed, created to help pets live longer. Petrics’ smart pet bed and companion collar activity tracker extend the lives of pets by tracking weight, rest periods and activity levels.

Petrics, World's First Smart Pet Bed & Pet Health Ecosystem
~ Petrics, World’s First Smart Pet Bed & Pet Health Ecosystem ~

The smart pet bed also offers thermostatic climate control to keep pets in optimal comfort and safety within varying climates and seasons. Petrics’ pet health ecosystem can be controlled with the Petrics mobile app and works with existing smart home technology. Petrics helps pet parents care for their furry best friends by creating a connected ecosystem that tracks, analyzes and recommends optimal health solutions unique to each pet and ultimately, helps save lives through early detection and intervention.
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  Targus launches Powered Docking Stations to Help Fuel Flexible Workspaces

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Targus, the industry leader that introduced the first universal dual-video docking station, adds two new powered docks to its extensive lineup of docking stations – the Universal USB 3.0 DV Docking Station with Power (DOCK171USZ) and the Universal USB 3.0 DV4K Docking Station with Power (DOCK177USZ).

Targus Powered Docking Stations to Help Fuel Flexible Workspaces
~ Targus Powered Docking Stations to Help Fuel Flexible Workspaces ~

With integrated charging and plenty of ports, Targus’ new docking stations send power to your laptop and everything they’re connected to. Only two connections give users access to dual monitors and other peripherals without the need for a power supply under the desk.
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