Goccia, the World’s smallest activity tracker

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Goccia, it is the World’s smallest, simplest activity tracker that comes with elegant design, 100% waterproof and using new LED light syncing technology. The idea of an activity tracker is to improve the lifestyle of the wearer and it is designed to exceed the extremely high personal standards.

Goccia, the World's smallest activity tracker
~ Goccia, the World’s smallest activity tracker ~

It is small as a shirt button and same weight as a US penny, so it is easy to use, easy to recharge and sync the data to the smartphone device. It also comes with hassle-free automatic switch between day and night modes.

It is using a new way to sync with LED light communication, so it allows users to create the world’s smallest activity tracker. This activity tracker is designed to be worn 24/7 for track the style all-day or even every-day. All activity data is synchronized to a free App on the iPhone or iPad for detailed analysis at their fingertips.

Goccia is specially designed to track activities in a non-intrusive way and it is the utmost goal in the design of wearable technology. Beside these, the Goccia can automatically switch between modes to give the users the most effective and detailed analysis of their lifestyle.

Information via kickstarter.

  Logitech introduces Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

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Logitech has recently introduced its new and ultrathin keyboard cover for iPad, iPad 2. It makes the iPad protection in style with a superthin screen cover for wherever users go. It has added Bluetooth wireless keyboard and users are ready to type with precision.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover
~ Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover ~

It is a stylish ultrathin aluminum screen cover that feels great and looks ever better with the design suitable for the iPad. It is available especially for the white iPad and also really for black iPad.

When it is the time to write an instant messenger or email, users will enjoy smooth and quiet typing on this Bluetooth wireless keyboard. The external keyboard not only frees up the screen space on the iPad, but also allows users to work faster by using short-cuts for the commands they use most often.

Logitech ultrathin keyboard cover supports a 6-month battery life on a full charge. The Logitech ultrathin keyboard cover securely attaches to the iPad with the clever magnetic clip. Aligned with the magnets built-in the iPad’s frame, it draws tablet and cover irresistibly together. It is available for $90.

Information via logitech.

  DeLorme announces inReach Explorer Satellite Communicator

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DeLorme, the innovative leader in personal satellite tracking, messaging and navigation technology, has announced inReach Explorer, which is the World’s first Satellite Communicator with built-in navigation.

DeLorme new inReach Explorer Satellite Communicator
~ DeLorme new inReach Explorer Satellite Communicator ~

This rugged handheld device has integrated route planning, waypoints and navigation with global two-way text messaging, GPS tracking, SOS alerting and geo-located on-screen for backtracking or self-rescue.
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  NuForce releases Primo 8 Headphones

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NuForce Inc., the company that delivers audio product with elegant design, has announced the release of Primo 8, which is the in-ear headphones provide stellar bass, captivating mids and delicate highs to envelop the listener in musical textures.

NuForce new Primo 8 Headphones
~ NuForce new Primo 8 Headphones ~

The Primo 8 unites the coherence and seamlessness of one-driver earphones with the detail and transient speed of balanced armature drivers delivering an extraordinarily natural, lifelike sound. It has the ability to reproduce vocals and NuForce has also outfitted each Primo 8 earpiece with four proprietary balanced armature speakers to from a unique 3-way design.
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